A Lifetime of Change in Eight Years: Alexandra Scott and Alex’s Lemonade Stand

AlexwithJugGive them a chance, and your children will amaze you.

Yes, they’re wonderfully innocent and often make terrible, terrible decisions.

But there’s often more going on there than we give them credit for.

Put kids in a difficult predicament, and they may surprise you. There’s often a lot of maturity hiding in there, and wisdom well beyond their years.

They’re capable of changing the world, like Alexandra “Alex” Scott. [Continue reading]

Laura Capello: From Big Business to Big Brothers and Big Sisters

laura capello

Over the past several months we’ve been honored to profile a number of prominent “BusinessMoms.” In that same spirit of creating and nurturing outside the home, we’re going to profile a few mothers from the non-profit world. Some of them have … [Continue reading]

Nominations for the 2016 Mother of the Year Honors are OPEN!

Nominations are open!

The 2015 Mother of the Year and Young Mother of the Year honorees from each state have been announced, along with our national honorees and Mothers of Achievement. They're awesome, and 2015 is going to be a great year! While those ladies off and … [Continue reading]