Esther Peterson: One Mother Who Changed YOUR Daily Life

esther petersonDo you know what’s in your food?

Seems like a simple enough question. Of course you know what’s in your food. Everything comes with a little label right on the package.

You may not always read it, but it’s there for you. And as a result, the items we buy and consume have gotten progressively cleaner and healthier over the years.

A recent report says that 58% of consumers prefer to purchase organic foods, and slowly but surely the prices on those foods are becoming reasonable. Consumers who have researched the items on these labels have successfully forced companies to remove them from the products.

In other words, we’re better informed, and we’re making better decisions as a society because of it.

And we have a mother to thank for it.  [Continue reading]

In the Kitchen with Gigi Butler, Founder of Gigi’s Cupcakes

Gigi and Kendall Skye

We're guessing some of your most vivid memories of childhood come from the kitchen. The smells of buttery biscuits baking in the oven as you awoke, or maybe sizzling bacon. Maybe there's a dish that was often served which, as a child, you wanted … [Continue reading]