Mother Empowers Her Community Through Education

deanna jordanMotherhood is difficult. We all love it, but let’s face it: it has a lot of challenges. Single motherhood with no education or career prospects is almost unimaginable.

Deanna Jordan comes from one of the roughest areas in the nation: Compton, California. Long known for it’s gang culture, the area is slowly emerging from the stereotype, thanks in large part to people like Deanna, who has not only worked to earn her education while raising three kids, she’s also giving back to the community by emphasizing education for as many Compton’s kids as she can.  [Continue reading]

Dear Would-be Robbers, Stop Messing with Grandmothers

lillie mcclendon

We all know moms are tough. It's well understood by the punks of America that they're just not worth it. They're not intimidated by anything and often, downright mean. They're better left alone. It's time to add grandmothers to that list as well. We … [Continue reading]

Remembering Lindy Boggs, 1994 National Mother of the Year

lindy boggs2

We've profiled some impressive ladies throughout he first seven months of 365 Mothers, including some impressive accomplishments, from Hillary Clinton to Elizabeth Schuyler Hamilton. All of our mothers are important, some just have a lot more … [Continue reading]