Heidi-Rachel Webb: Finding Resolutions When Divorce is the Only Option

heidi webbThe D word.

No one likes to talk about. No one ever plans on it. But probably about half of those of you reading this have experienced it, or will at some point.

We’re talking about divorce.

It’s a subject we haven’t broached too often here on the American Mothers Blog, mostly because there isn’t much good or encouraging to say about it. It’s incredibly difficult on everyone involved and can have lifetime ramifications, particularly when children are involved. Rarely has there ever been a “smooth” divorce.

That doesn’t mean it isn’t worth talking about, not with nearly 50% of US marriages ending in divorce. We want to help take away any sort of stigma that may be attached to divorced mothers. Not every relationship is destined for success, and often divorce is the best path. It’s okay, and plenty of people come out of it even better than they once were.

We talked with Heidi-Rachel Webb, a divorce attorney based in Massachusetts. She is the founder and principal of Consilium® Divorce Consultations, a group that takes a holistic approach to helping clients navigate divorce that includes emotional health as well as the legal issues.  [Continue reading]

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