Simplify and Enjoy

paper platesAfter a family dinner last night where we used paper plates–I love them for a quick and easy clean up–my married daughter reminisced how after dinner, my husband would always fold his paper plate in half, then in fourths and then stick it between his fork tongs before throwing it in the garbage can.  A fun memory of Dad that we saw him do over and over every night–never realizing that after he passed away, this would become a cherished memory.

Did you catch that I said over and over every night?  Yes, I must confess that for about 10 years we always ate dinner on paper plates.  Now first I hasten to tell you that we didn’t have a dish washer–still don’t–so I was the dish washer.  And this paper plate “tradition” started after my fourth baby was born.  I decided I needed some simplification in my life, what with having a new baby and 3 very active young boys. I told my husband we were going to use paper plates for a months or so…just till I got back on my feet. [Continue reading]

Meet Cathy Keating, a 2015 National Mother of Achievement


Cathy Keating was born and reared in Tulsa, Oklahoma. After graduating from the University of Oklahoma, she married Frank Keating, had three children and embarked on the never-ending challenge of balancing life as a wife and mother with community … [Continue reading]

Meet April Haberman, the 2015 Washington Young Mother of the Year

april haberman

April Haberman was raised in the south and graduated in the top 10 in her class. Upon graduation, she took her southern hospitality all the way to Seattle, WA. It was there that she met her husband of 21 years. She spent over 12 years in the fast … [Continue reading]